Flower garden that not only holds the terrace, but produces food. 

Realizing that our planet has rapidly shrinking resources of fossil fuels and a growing demand for them: our goal is to reduce dependency. In view of the world economy it is becoming even more urgent that this technology is embraced.
  I have always felt that the most natural forms of energy are the best. We are supplied free energy from the wind and sun. They are both replenishing and non polluting. What could be better?
We have but one earth and it is abundant with all that we need. We must choose to preserve it and in doing so preserve ourselves.
The earth is a gift that we never truly own and we are it's guardians. That places the responsibility on our shoulders to protect it, not destroy it!
This earthship is both our dream home and our hope for the earths future.
 Reuse, Renew, Recycle is the concept used in its' construction We are happy to be building this environmental home is a state that welcomes the pioneer spirit. Now the need to put into place solar incentives.
We welcome you to follow the progress of this project. we hope this may encourage people to become self-reliant.



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