About Us

 We have been true green building in "The Natural State" for over 15 years. 

 Shown here is the continuous bond beam.  We poured concrete for two days and nights straight to avoid cold joints. 

  The Earthship is powered by  an

 "off the grid system;forty solar panels and a  new wind generator feed a large battery bank.We added closed cell foam insulation to our conventional walls and ceiling to increase efficiency.  All this makes us a stand alone system of living.(Like a ship) once on board you must have all you need. Hence the name Earth-ship!

Tires were stacked and then packed using a 12 lb sledge until they reached a weighed of about 280 lbs.

I had some delightful young men working with  me on this project. Most were hard workers and all were a challenge for me to work with.

 None had packed a tire and most had never done hard work. 

 My respect and admiration to those that stayed!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

 Mid century Modern Ranch through out

Now, in the house,we are learning to use the Russian mass fireplace. It was cast in Canada by Temp Cast and shipped to us.  It is designed to heat  a mass and store it.Then heat is softly released in to the house for hours.

Now follow me inside: 

                                                                                     This is our guest room complete with chiefs blanket and dreamcatchers.


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